Thoptv Apk Download Latest Version for Android 2021 Watch Free IPL [ ThopTV APK v45.4.0 ]

Thoptv Apk Download latest version Free 2021 : Today we are living in a modern era and we are fully updated with the latest technologies. Earlier we used to watch TV shows on TV but now we don’t have to rely on TV. As we have a very busy schedule and we are unable to watch our favorite TV shows.

But users don’t have to worry about it, as there are many apps available on the Internet that are allowing the users to watch their favorite channels anytime at their convenience. The apps are providing these services free of cost so that more users can come to their app. So today we are talking about the popular app named ThopTV.

Thoptv Apk Download Free 2021 :


ThopTV apk is a very popular app allowing users to stream Live TV channels. They have more than 500 channels on their platform so that users can find their channel easily.

Users will get Entertainment channels, Movies channels, Sports channels, Music channels, and some more channels. The most amazing thing is that this is free to use. Users don’t need to pay a single penny to use their services.

There is no need to do any registration to use the app, users can just open the app and can start streaming their favorite channels. Let me clarify that ThopTV is not the broadcaster, they just copy the link and add it to their servers.

The app gets popular in very little time and users start loving this app. We have seen amazing searches for this app on the Internet. This app has main followers are from India but it is also popular in many other Asian countries.


ThopTV on Android download 2021:

ThopTV 2021  is available only for Android users but let me tell you that this app is not available on the Play Store because the app is getting links on their CDN servers illegally.

That’s why this app is not available on Play Store, but if users want to download ThopTV Apk then don’t worry, we are providing you the complete details and the download link so that users can download ThopTV Apk on their Android smartphone.


Best free App to Watch IPL on ThopTV 2021:

As we know that IPL is not streaming on any other app except Hotstar but there we have to pay some amount for a subscription. But there is no need for it because we can watch IPL on the Thop TV without any issues. Users don’t need to pay a single penny to stream their favorite matches.


Is ThopTV app illegal?

We have seen many peoples are searching for whether ThopTV is illegal. ThopTV has done violation of copyrights of some channels. But they are providing many channels free of cost, so we cannot say whether the app is legal or not.

Still, we will recommend all users download this app without any worries. Users can download the app because watching TV channels on an app is not a crime. If they found any issue in the app then the app developer is there to tackle that situation, so users don’t have to worry about anything.


Things to Watch on ThopTV Apk 

There are a lot of things to watch on ThopTV App. So let us know the things that you can stream on the ThopTV app.

  • Live Sports

Users can watch their favorite sports channel on ThopTV and the most popular sport on ThopTV is Cricket. We have seen huge traffic on ThopTV when there is a live cricket match.

  • Serials

Serials are quite popular among females and they don’t need to worry if they are not sitting in front of the TV. They can stream their favorite serial on ThopTV in HD quality format.

  • Live News

News is the most trending thing and a necessary thing to watch. So users can also watch various News channels on ThopTV. It is quite easy to stream our favorite channel on ThopTV.

  • Comedy Shows

There are much comedy shows that we can watch on ThopTV. We cannot name the shows due to some copyright issues but users can stream huge content on ThopTV at their convenience.


Features of ThopTV Apk 2021

1.  Subtitles

Users will get an option of subtitles in the app that will help watch foreign movies with proper understanding. Now users can watch a movie by reading subtitles, which makes it quite convenient for all the users who don’t understand the basic languages. The Subtitles option is not available on other apps but ThopTV is providing this feature for all of its users.


2.  Favorite List

There is also a favorite list option, which is quite amazing and beneficial. Now users can save their favorite show for watching it later. As we have seen that we like a show but at the same time, some other show is also going to be interesting. In that condition, if you don’t want to miss both the shows then you can add them to your favorite list and can watch them in the future anytime. This feature is very helpful and will never let you miss your favorite show.


3.  No Charges

The most amazing thing about this app is that it is completely free. As we know there are many TV channel streaming app available on the Internet but all of them are not beneficial because they are charging some amount for providing services. But here, users will get some amazing features and services without paying a single penny. Now users have no burden to pay the monthly fee to enjoy all the features of this app.


4.  Huge Database

ThopTV has a huge database, as we know that there is a huge Indian fan following for this app and that’s why this app has more than 500 channels. There are so many viewers in this world who like to watch Indian channels. These channels include sports, movies, drama, music, cartoon, and some more channels. So users have a huge choice for watching their favorite channels from a wide category.


5. User Interface

The app has a very basic and simple user interface so that users can operate the app easily. Users can open the app and can search for their favorite channel after tapping on the search button. Users will get their channels easily because all the channels are available on Dashboard so it will be easy to search your favorite channel.


6. Customer Support

There are also customer support services in this app for the user’s convenience. As we have seen that free service providing apps doesn’t provide customer chat support but here users will get amazing support from their support system. They are providing their support system 24/7 so that users can satisfy completely with this app.



Download ThopTV Apk Latest Version 2021

So now we are providing you the download link for ThopTV App so that users can enjoy all the features of the app free of cost. Users just need to tap on the download link that we have given below to download the app. Here is the link



How to install ThopTV on your Android phone?

So now we are providing you the complete step-by-step guide for Thoptv Apk Download & installing the app on your smartphone. Users just need to follow the steps that we have given below. Here are the steps –

  • First of all, users need to tap on the download link above to download it.
  • Now just wait until the downloading finishes then go back to the download folder and tap on the file to install it.
  • Before starting the installation process, users need to go to the Security option in Settings.
  • There you need to Enable the app from unknown resources to provide permission for the installation of an app.
  • Now just come to the installation page and tap on the Install button to install the app and wait till it finishes.
  • Now open the app and allow the permissions for enjoying the services.

That’s it, in this way, a user will be able to install ThopTV Apk on their smartphone.


Alternative of ThopTV apk (ThopTv Like App)

if you are search alternative of Thoptv app then here is some best application which is similar to thoptv apps, are below:-



     1. Do we need to do sign up on the app to access their services?

Ans. No, there is no need to do Sign Up on the app for enjoying their services. Users just need to open the app and can search their favorite channel for streaming live TV channels.

      2. Can we play channels on any other external video player?

Ans. No, users are not allowed to stream TV channels on any other external video player. There is an in-built video player where users can watch live TV channels.


    3.  How much amount we have to pay to use ThopTV services?

Ans. We don’t need to pay a single penny to use their services. The app is free to use.


    4. Can we watch ThopTV on a web browser?

Ans. No, users can watch ThopTV only on the app, users are not allowed to watch it on a web browser.


   5. Why some channels are not supporting?

Ans. This is a very common issue that we have seen peoples asking about, if you are facing a black screen issue then you need to update the latest version of ThopTV Apk.

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