Recently there was a controversy between Britney and her son Jaydon Controversy on not attending her marraige 

Spears 40 recently married to Asghari and her sons did not attend her marriage because of some reason and during an interview they disclosed the reason

15 years old Jaydon James told Daphne barak why he and his brother Sean Pretson missed their mom's marraige

They told that their mother did not invite whole family to wedding and so they did not join her wedding. It would have gone wrong if they attended wedding without family 

Jaydon also said that he is very happy for her and congratulated her for her new partner but did not join her happiness

Jaydon responded to this matter on Instagram and wrong a long post about the situation explaining herself and situation

Britney said in Instagram post that I have done everything to be a best person and In at 40 I left my family without saying their bad doings with me 

She also said that I hope one day my kids will understand what I have gone through and why I left them at 40. I still my kids so much and I will always do

Jaydon also said that I think that these things are not permanent and they can be sorted but needs time and lots of efforts from both sides

Jaydon also comments on her mental health I just want her to get better mentally and then I want to meet her for sure