Many of you must be thinking to buy Nvidia Shield TV Pro. You Must read this story buying you buy it 

If you research for streaming boxes Nvidia shield TV Pro is king in market which comes in $200 range. 

Nvidia Shield TV pro is not too different from Nvidia Shield TV. The only change that you will see is that packing don't have controller in latest verion

If you love want a performance beast and budget is not your concern then you can buy Nvidia Shield TV Pro because it is truly a performance machine 

Whether you are aiming for high spec gaming on your tv or movies and Songs in multiple HDR formats its will perform edge to edge. 

These are Pros of Nvidia Shield TV Pro  1. A versatile and powerful streamer 2. Chromecast Build In 3. Great Gaming features

These are Cons of Nvidia Shield TV Pro  1. No longer ships with a controller 2. No storage boost  3. UI needs finessing 

Talking about size it is a compact device with heavy performance and many hardware improvements from previous one. 

Let's Conclude it with some mouth watering such as Bluetooth 5.0, 3GB ram and 16GB internal memory, 

If you are planning to buy a budget streaming and gaming box then you must try Nvidia Shield TV Pro.